The statistics above shows the aspirations  of Zambia as a nation, in the last few year the Government of the Republic of Zambia through Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) have identified investment opportunities and  seek to attract and facilitate FDI, LDI and promote re-investment in the following sectors:, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Forestry | Manufacturing | Tourism | Infrastructure | Energy | Mining.

Infrastructure development, being one of the Government’s priority areas, and is upheld in both the Revised Sixth National Development Plan, and the National Vision 2030. The major areas that will be undertaken during the plan period are in the following areas: Investment in industrial infrastructure, education, railway, roads as well as water and sanitation.

Government has put measure in place in order to harness this potential, in this years (2020) budget the Government has introduced National Industrial Policy. The policy aims to promote an export-oriented industrialization, progress has been noted in the export of products such as cement, honey and detergents. In line with the National Local Content Strategy, these products are being manufactured from local raw materials. In order to encourage sustainable industrialisation while mitigating the effects of climate change,  the Government has suspend import duty, for three years, on the importation of machinery for processing of solid waste to generate electricity and produce organic fertilizers, and extending this to  aquaculture sub sector and make community fish farming affordable, but on selected  aqua culture equipment. To rationalize the capital relief granted to mining companies, the Government has reduced capital allowances claimed by mining companies on capital expenditure from 25 percent to 20 percent.


Taking advantage of current good investor friendly Climate, CGM Power Group (Incorporated in 2016) is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) called to anchor the Transport projects and solar infrastructure as well as other property developments. CGM Power group key strategic aim is to deploy infrastructure and property for long-term rent or lease which cuts across the eco-system incorporating agriculture, education and factories.

One notable project is called the TRIO CITY PROJECT (TCP) initially in three (3) Sector-specific smart city model setups interlinked by railway and powered by clean energy is under feasibility study. The TCP, will be located in Zambia, the facilities will be capacitated to meet the demand of local and regional needs actualizing value addition. In practice all supplied raw materials will be processed and packaged, Other areas include delivering skills and vocational training as well as providing a platform for Research and Development (R&D) in modern laboratories and simulators.

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