With an Investment License, CGM Powergroup produces measurable and sustainability outcomes of impact.


In a complex business environment, we strive for simplistic solutions that yield results


Human Development is key in all our investment projects because the people we work with matter the most.

CGM PowerGroup Limited is an independent power producer. The company was incorporated in 2016. The current objective is to invest in renewable energy, distribution and transmission power lines and battery energy storage facilities. CGM’s delivery vehicles include Photovoltaic  (PV) Solar Plants in Luapula Province, namely, Chipili Power corporation Limited and Mansa Power Development Limited.

Wholly owned by Zambian entrepreneurs, the project supports the diversification of Zambia’s energy matrix and an increase in access to reliable and affordable power, a critical component of the country’s long-term competitiveness and sustainable economic growth.


CGM holds firmly its support for youth and women involvement at all levels i.e. in development and construction phase. Funded through local resources by the developers, unwavering support from the local community and other arms of Government with full appreciate of the Business case and effects of climate change.


CGM Powergroup renewable Energy in Zambia


CGM is investing in scalable solar plant projects that will compliment to Africa’s power energy needs and impact the:

  • Diversifying of the energy mix on the continent of Africa, and
  • Support positive efforts of mitigating the negative effects of climate change through the development of renewable energy generation projects that reduce green house gas emissions (GHG).

The flagship project is located in Bharti, Mansa District in Zambia, a plant size of 25MW/ac under project name Mansa Power Development Limited (MPDL) “SPV”. The project will open up Zambia’s Northern Circuit Region hosting a population of more than 8 million people to more commercial and industrial growth opportunities. The Government through the Ministry of Energy (MoE) has approved the company’s Feasibility Study and Grid Integration Study and Reports.