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GET.  Invest  is  a  European programme  that  mobilises  investment  in  renewable energy  in developing  countries.  They support   project   developers   and companies   towards   investment readiness   and   link   them   with   financiers. In collaboration  with  many  stakeholders  in  the sector, they  also  provide  a  range of  other  services  to  complement  this effort.  GET.  Invest  aims  to substantially increase  the  volume  and  pace  of  investment,  to  contribute  to  building sustainable energy markets, and to thus help meet the twin challenge of sustainable energy and climate change. 

The  GET.  Invest  Finance  Catalyst  links  projects  and  companies  to  financiers.  It targets small-  and  medium-scale sustainable  energy  opportunities  in  sub Saharan  Africa,  the Caribbean  and  the  Pacific  region.  Their  team  provides advisory  support  in  the  areas  of investment  strategy,  business  case structuring,  and  accessing  finance.  They  work through independent experts with extensive experience in both developing and getting projects funded.

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