About Us

About CGM Power Group

CGM Power Group is a Zambian contracting company founded on Quality, Assurance and Efficiency. Our plan and purpose is to develop into an organisation that provides jobs and dividends to Zambia for decades to come.

As a company, we recognise that the foundation of our business is “relationships”. Relationships not only with important clients, but with every stakeholder we deal with including subcontractors, suppliers, etc. The real key to building successful relationships is “service”. We recognise that the success of each project and the overall success of the company are totally dependent on the individual people with which we work with. It is our intent to earn the confidence and loyalty of these people and entities through our commitment to “servitude”. This means putting others’ needs first and making sure each person involved with a project is treated as “most important”. We value the importance of our relationships and will continue to remain fair and true in our dealings with all partners, employees, customers, and subcontractors.

CGM is incorporated and fully registered with all the relevant authorities. We are not just another contractor, but a firm striving to “reset the standard” for construction, infrastructure and energy service provision in the country.

CGM Power Group Core Values


Deliver high quality, Cost-effective projects on Schedule by employing and supporting passionate, flexible and focused project teams.


CGM’s aim is to be the the best and most successful provider of energy, construction and infrastructure service.


Our company is guided by our core values that supports our vision and mission statement and ultimately builds the culture we live by. We believe in our people, customers, growth in knowledge, performance and results.

Our Core Values