Project Areas

CGM was established to offer you quality services. We strive to maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in all of our relationships with suppliers, sub-contractors, professional associates and customers. We offer comprehensive services designed to allow us to do whatever it takes to finish any project we are working on. Below are some of these services we provide:

Petroleum and Power Energy

Petroleum and Power Energy

With the discovery of oil deposits in Southern and Central Africa, potential for economic prosperity is growing on a fast rate. The significant fall in oil prices and subsequent shift to a low energy price environment has the potential to be a double edge sword for participants in Africa’s energy sector. With a GDP rate of over 4%, Zambia stands as one of the countries showing potential to grow in the energy sector. CGM’s involvement in feasibility studies and reports as well as identification of project opportunities helps potential investors and other key players gain in-depth analysis of the investment opportunities in the energy sector. To ease the processes, we provide support in the regulation and clearance processes, plus facilitate the entire process.


Manufacturing site

With our goal to help in the development of the commercial and industrial sector in Zambia, CGM plays a pivotal role in the diversification and industrialization of the economy through manufacturing projects. Our involvement in the industrialization of the country helps improve the economic growth via various sectors in the manufacturing industry. CGM is undertaking due diligence for the development of the Factory and Manufacturing City (FMC). The project has undergone a feasibility study is expected to create more than 6,000 job opportunities.

Education & Sport

Education and Sports Focus Area

Whilst Education has been improving in Zambia at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels, the number of learning institutions falls short to meet the demand. And these challenges cannot be met by the host government alone. To help improve the delivery of education and technology, CGM is undertaking the development of Commerce, Education, Technology and Sports City (ETSC). The ETSC is modelled after the education city in Qatar and is expected to be the center of excellence in many disciplines. In an addition, the city will host rental units in addition to the other value added services.

Real Estate

Real Estate services by CGM Power Group

With the increase in rural urban migration without a corresponding effort to provide appropriate housing in the expanding urban regions, opportunities exists to fill in this gap. With recent actual new housing stock as low as 2,800 against an annual national target of 150,000, Zambia is barely addressing the crisis as it grapples with an estimated housing deficit of about three million housing units. Our experience  and feasibility studies have enabled us to provide possible solutions to the housing deficit. CGM is specializing in the development of high rise apartments as well as  hotel development.


Railway and Roads projects

The transport sector in Zambia is divided in mainly surface transportation (road and rail) and aviation. CGM undertakes feasibility studies in all transport and transportation models. With the continued increase in the numbers of people movement in and through the country, CGM has positioned itself with multiple opportunities and solutions.